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20/20  Advanced  Property  &  Mold Inspections

   If you are comparing inspectors to find the one best for you, you should compare the final product. It doesn't only matter what your inspector tells you on-site or over the phone. Their final accountability will be with the final written report. You don't want a "two story" home; one story on-site and a different story in the report!  You need to compare reports, and of complicated inspections.  If you are comparing a multi-inspector firm then you want to see a report written by the inspector who is supposed to inspect your house.  Remember, every inspector had to do their first inspection at some time, you just don't want that to be on YOUR inspection.  In fact it is generally accepted that an inspector might not be proficient until they have performed over 5000 inspections!  That could take 10 years.  Also, there are many different types of inspectors and inspections.  Some inspectors spend as little as 45 minutes to 1 or 2 hours on site.  Michael typically spends several hours on an average 1500-2500 sq ft house.  

Michael's policy is that: "It takes as long as it takes to get you the information you need to make an informed decision".

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